Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Daniel MacCarthey

Dan MacCarthy is setting off on a pilgrimage of sorts to Santiago de Compestela. Starting from a Marina in Ipswich, he will sail to the city of Gijon with three others and from there make his way, as much as possible on foot to the pilgrimage city. He will be keeping a drawing journal of the walk which he will upload upon its completion. Once he has left the city of Santiago de Compostela, he will return by boat from Bilbao to Brittany and from there by more conventional transport back to the UK. In order to finance this trip he has made a series of small paintings and prints. These can be found on his website: http://danielmaccarthy.tumblr.com/
If you would like to help him on his way and buy something please email him at daniellouismaccarthy (at) gmail.com and he will remove the image from the gallery. This may not occur until he disembarks in Gijon or elsewhere along the route. The work will be delivered or posted to you as soon as he returns in September.