Thursday, 22 January 2015

Kirsty Buchanan in Florence Trust Winter Open

Kirsty Buchanan, St John the Baptist (2014)
Kirsty Buchanan is one of the 12 resident artists at the Florence Trust 2014-15. They are having their Winter Open to mark the mid-way point through their year-long residency. Mulled wine and drinks will be available through the opening night.

Florence Trust, St Saviour's, Aberdeen Park, Highbury, London, N5 2AR. 
Opening: Friday 30 January, 6 - 9pm. 
Exhibition continues over the weekend: Saturday 31 January and Sunday 1 February, 12 - 6pm.

More about the Florence Trust:
Deadline for applications: Early summer, tba

The Florence Trust offers 12 month studio residencies commencing in August each year for up to a 12 artists. Each artists gets 24-hour access to a studio within St Saviour’s, a neo-gothic church in Highbury, London. There are two annual exhibitions in January and July, with a full-colour catalogue and a text by an independent arts writer. Throughout the year they provide mentoring, including with visiting artists, writers and curators. There are peer-critiques, workshops, and exhibition projects. In the past, artists have joined the Trust at a pivotal stage in their careers and used the opportunity as a springboard to establish themselves in the London art scene and beyond.
Open to all artists internationally, including collaborations, and students who will graduate in 2015.
Studio rent is either £225 or £260 per calendar month. This is all-inclusive and covers all aspects of the programme. Artists will need to budget separately for their living costs. Many artists need to work part-time during their residency and this is not a problem as long as they continually use their studio.

Application fee of £10.