Thursday, 26 March 2015

Jessie Makinson Denis Mahon Exhibition

Jessie Makinson was awarded the Denis Mahon bursary last year and now the Drawing School have the pleasure of exhibiting the work she’s made in this time. Please find the invitation attached. The exhibition opens before Easter on Wednesday 1 April and runs until Friday 17 April in the gallery at Charlotte Road. The Private View is Tuesday 14 April 6.30 pm – 8.30 pm, hopefully see you there.

The Drawing Year cemented drawing in my practice as a way of thinking. I draw intuitively to feel around spaces, to remember and to translate thoughts into something physical.

I am interested in listless figures that are waiting for something to happen. A rising hysteria born from big shapes tumbling into the small details of hands and the emotions of feet. Clusters of information and space that starts to fall apart and dissolve into shape and colour. A recent interest in shrill, kitsch, decadent high 
colour 70’s films has led to the relationships between women as subject matter.

The Sir Denis Mohan Award has provided me with a sustained period of painting and the time and freedom to develop a new body of work concerning the reciprocal nature of narrative and space. The Award was a well timed opportunity to focus and develop aspects of my practice further, whilst working towards the show at the end of the year.

Over the year my work has developed in terms of subject matter, content and the application of paint. The opportunity was an invaluable one that provided significant support outside of education, helping me to consider, accept and reflect upon the outcome of my paintings and where they will lead me next.

Jessie Makinson, March 2015