Thursday, 30 July 2015

Katie Brookes and Elizabeth McCarten at Mercer Chance

Katie Brookes and Elizabeth McCarten are exhibiting new paintings at Mercer Chance.

Mercer Chance Studio Gallery, 253 Hoxton Street, N1 5LG
Thursday 6 - Sunday 16 August 2015
11 am - 6 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday
Monday to Thursday by appointment only, please call Rachel on 07715816779

Public Opening: Thursday 6 August, 7 - 10 pm

'Mercer Chance is proud to present SUMMER DREAM, a joyous meeting of two talented young contemporary painters. Madness, beauty, mystery and humour colour this strange new world of intuitive image making.

In this new series of paintings Katie Brookes has used imagination to bypass her observational work and focus on colour and composition, working along the themes of stereotypical British culture, seaside and leisure in the summertime. Focused on the material qualities of paint and the pure enjoyment of colour, these new works explore exaggerated British-ness now. These bold and ironic escapist fantasies first appeared while Katie was on a rainy residency in Scotland, but they have become a promising avenue for a richly inventive studio practice going forward. In September she will attend the Turps Banana painting school, where she hopes to make her paintings “bigger and more… mad”.

Elizabeth McCarten's recent work explores the idea of a dream evoked by real places being re-presented. When we dream we recycle images and experiences that we have had that day, week or a thought that has been on our mind. Our mind breaks these experiences down and reconstructs them into a series of new images, thoughts and sensations. Working directly from observation, she gathers information before deconstructing and breaking down the image to lyrical lines and marks. Her dream-like colour washes serve as emotional responses to the landscape which is used as a means to recreate a world where imagination and reality can merge together in the freedom of paint. Scenes are reduced to shapes and colours that evoke darkness and light, that invite the viewer to see differently into a landscape of possibilities.'