Thursday, 14 April 2016

Charlie Tepasse: Sense Charity commission

Lauren by Charlie Tepasse

Colin Anderson (of Sense Charity for deafblind people) has commissioned Alumnus Charlie Tepasse (Drawing Year 2015) to make a series of drawings of the people the charity supports. Starting in mid-April 2016, Charlie will be spending time with individuals who have a combination of sight and hearing problems, with the aim of making a series of portraits. Issues of identity, self-expression, and the nature of being human are topics that are frequently implicit in the work of the charity and, in embarking on this project, the artist hopes to convey the emotional and psychological aspects of the challenges these people face. In the past, Sense have commissioned writers and photographers, however this is the first time they have commissioned a draughtsman. Colin says: ‘I have always thought that drawings of the individuals and families we support might be able to convey more powerfully the essential human drama that our work so often involves.