Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Florian Graf publishes a new book

Florian Graf (DY 2009) has published a new book FG ARTIST SERVICE GROUP - Everything Artists Offer (Kodoji Press, ISBN 978-3-03747-076-3). The first book launch with panel discussion took place in Kunsthalle Basel and the next event will be at Grieder Contemporary in Zürich on 7 December at 6.30 pm. You can read a recent article about the book here. An extract from the press release reads: 'Today a huge part of artists’ work is commissioned, rendering artists part of a service industry. Art for art’s sake is nonsense when there are bills to pay; an artist is only emancipated if they can sell what they want to do. ‘FG Artist Service Group’ clarifies a 21st century artist’s position by listing more than 50 different stances that Graf, as artist, may adopt'. With wry humour his book alphabetically catalogues the services Graf can provide, from activist to visionary, court jester to narcissist, film maker to vagabond.