Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Alumni exhibitions in July

Hannah Murgatroyd (DY 2006)'s forthcoming solo show, Landscape As A Peopled World', opens at Exeter Phoenix on 13 July and runs until 2 September. Details here. The image shown above is titled 'Hand to Mouth' (2017).

Salma Ali (DY 2014) will be in a group exhibition that opens at Truman Brewery on 6 July 6-10pm. Click here to view the poster and images of work in the show. 

Oliver McConnie (DY 2014)'s hand-coloured etching 'Dance of Death' (shown above) will be on display in the exhibition Mostyn Open 20 in Llandudno, Wales. PV 7 July. The show runs from 8 July to 5 November 2017. Oliver will also be taking part in Open Studios at Bow Arts, Essex House, Saturday 22 July 12 - 6pm. Details here

As part of her current residency at City and Guilds Art School, Jessie Makinson (DY 2012) is having an Open Studio this week, alongside the BA degree show. Open until Sunday 2 July. Address: 124 Kennington Park Road, London, SE11 4DJ. Click here to view the opening times.

Chris Wallbank (DY 2016)'s drawing Loomery Scroll is currently on show in the Wellcome Collection's summer exhibition A Museum of Modern Naturea new display of objects and stories collected from across a range of disciplines to demonstrate how we relate to nature today. Open until 8 October.

A short film animated by Alex Chilvers (DY 2013) has been nominated for the McLauren Award for Best British Animation at Edinburgh Festival. Directed by Jack Newman, with sound by Steven Dove, the short is titled 'Escape from Syria - Faiza's story'. Click here to watch it. Alex also recently collaborated with musician Helena Gee (aka Vanishing Animals) to make the music video 'From this World to the Next'. Watch it here.

Douglas Farthing (DY 2015) has two paintings on display in the National Army Museum's exhibition War Paint: Brushes with Conflict (open until 19 November). Admission is free. On 19 July Doug will be giving a guided tour of the exhibition at 6,30pm, discussing what it’s like to be a war artist. Douglas is a former sergeant major in The Parachute Regiment, serving in Afghanistan as part of Operation Veritas (2001-14). Details of the event can be found here.

Shown above is an EP album cover for emerging indie/alternative rock band Mellah, recently designed by Emily Morey (DY 2006). She says 'the artwork was made listening to the album music whilst they were rehearsing'. 'The imagery refers to the lyrics and narrative explored by the musician in his music, as well as my own interpretation/ experience of it'.

Emily also has an exhibition at the end of July in Wandsworth, South West London and would like to invite alumni and tutors at The Royal Drawing School. 'Making the Unfamiliar Familiar' will be open 25 July - 5 August. PV 26 July. Some of the artwork was made at Dumfries House, some refers to the Book of Revelations from the Bible. Click here to see the poster for the show.

Katie Brookes (DY 2006) and Jenny Smith (DY 2006), who have been studying on the Turps Studio Programme for the last two years, are exhibiting as part of the TURPS 2015-17 exhibition which opens at Art Bermondsay Project Space this week. Private View 13 July, 6-9pm, continues 14-22 July. Details here.

Elenor Bedlow (DY 2008), Rebecca Harper (DY 2013) and Hannah Turner-Duffin (DY 2009) would like to invite alumni to the Turps Summer Party and Open Studios on 22 July 12-8pm (Bar open from 5pm). They will be exhibiting work made during the past year. Address: Turps Art School,  SE17 2UQ. Details here.

Salma Ali (DY 2014) is in a group show titled 'Roots and Wings' which opens on 21 July in Middlesbrough. More info here.

British artist Rachel Heller (DY 2003) has a solo exhibition of new works at Doswell Gallery in Ireland. 'Pastels and other works' will be on show from 12 August to 6 September. More info here.