Thursday, 23 October 2014

Jon Bird talking at The Nakeds, The Drawing Room

Jon will be talking at the symposium at the Drawing Room on 10 November, as part of 'The Nakeds' exhibition. Figures of Expression and Transgression 10 November 2014, 2 - 6pm.

For the exhibition, Jon has lent works by Nancy Spero and Leon Golub. He will be giving the talk 'Myth and the Figure in the Work of Leon Golub and Nancy Spero' - a talk by Professor Jon Bird (Art & Critical theory, Middlesex University).

A seminar exploring contemporary artists’ representation of the naked body and the role of drawing in this, Schiele’s legacy in relation to art and the pornographic image, myth and the figure in the work of Leon Golub and Nancy Spero.
The afternoon will include contributions from David Austen (artist and co-curator of The Nakeds), Jon Bird (Professor of Art & Critical theory, Middlesex University), Gemma Blackshaw ( Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Plymouth and co-curator of The Nakeds), Mary Doyle ( co-director of Drawing Room and co-curator of The Nakeds), Simon Grant (writer, editor of TATE ETC. magazine and co-editor of Picpus magazine), Stewart Helm (artist) , Chantal Joffe (artist) and Kate Macfarlane ( co-director of Drawing Room and co-curator of The Nakeds).