Thursday, 23 October 2014

MERCER CHANCE Gallery Opening

Rachel Mercer and Michael Chance have been very busy in the past months as they are opening their own studio gallery, in Hoxton: MERCER CHANCE.

You are warmly invited to the launch night. Friday 24th October, 6.30 - 10pm. Mercer Chance, 253 Hoxton Street, London, N1 5LG. No need to RSVP, open invitation.
'We met whilst on the post-graduate programme at The Prince's Drawing School in 2012, and have spent the intervening period painting and printmaking from our live/work space in Hackney Wick. In August this year we found this exciting space in Hoxton and jumped at the opportunity to create a large bright space in which to work.
We decided to open the space as a gallery to
provide a public platform for our work, and to support our peers; a diverse range of emerging artists whose work is built on a foundation of observation, contemplation and practiced use of their medium . We want to promote a kind of image-making that is personal, poetic, and emerges from an artist's sensual and intellectual reckoning with the world.
We will be showing predominantly oil painting, printmaking and drawing, with occasional forays into the worlds of sculpture, film and installation.
Michael Chance is a painter, printmaker and draughtsman whose work is poetic and philosophical, fascinated by contemporary environmentalism and advances in exoplanetary science. Scratched, misted windows and powerful glimpses of landscape meet the scarred surfaces and topography of far-away alien worlds and strange accumulations of future ruins. 
Chance gained a first class degree in Popular Music at Liverpool University, followed by a post-graduate diploma in Drawing at The Prince’s Drawing School, London.
Rachel Mercer is a painter and draughtsman who seeks ‘moments of being’; those rare occurrences of deep harmony between self and nature. Sensitively observing the forms and patterns of natural growth opens a window to the appreciation of true beauty; that which is yielding, soft and adaptive. Her work breathes, permeated by a quiet meditative mood, which stands in opposition to the noise, carelessness and bluster of modern society. 
Mercer completed her BA in Fine Art (first class) at Cardiff School of Art & Design, followed by a post-graduate diploma in Drawing at The Prince’s Drawing School, London.