Monday 2 November 2015

Drawing in the Prado

Olivia Kemp and Clementine Moyes, recipients of the 2015 Richard Ford Travel Scholarship, have just returned from Spain where they spent two months making studies of the works in the Prado museum. Still full of excitement from her recent trip Olivia says that 'working in The Prado has been an amazing experience.' 

'I have discovered the work of artists I had never heard of such as Melendez, Murillo and Zurbaran. Mostly it has forced me to analyze why I love certain paintings but would probably never draw them and why others are instantly appealing. This in turn has taught me a lot about my own work and what I’m looking for going forward.'

(above) Olivia Kemp, drawing after Jacopo Bassano's "The Animals entering the Ark" 

(above) Olivia Kemp, drawing after Rubens' "The Adoration of the Magi"